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5 Facts About Stink Bugs

Many people mistake June bugs for stink bugs. However, stink bugs are thinner, have a different shape and are part of the shield bug family that originated in Asia. Here are five interesting facts about these smelly invaders:

  • Stink bugs have a needle-like appendage for sucking juice from fruit.
  • In addition to smelling bad, stink bugs taste bad to predators.
  • Since stink bugs avoid cold temperatures, they hibernate during the winter.
  • Adult stink bugs can live up to a year.
  • When females lay eggs, they may lay as many as 400.

Identifying Stink Bugs

Stink bugs vary in color on their backs from brown or gray to dark green. On the other side, they may have white, red, gray or black markings. The unique marbled appearance on the backs of most stink bugs is why they are also referred to as "marmorated." They are slightly less than an inch in length and have six legs. Stink bugs have a long antenna, a shield-like body and a pair of wings. When they feel threatened or are crushed, they release a strong odor that some people describe as being similar to cilantro.

Where To Find Stink Bugs

These bugs like to eat caterpillars, flowers and fruit. It is common to see them on flower bushes, in gardens and on fruit-bearing trees. Homes with any of these attractions are vulnerable to a stink bug infestation. When stink bugs hibernate, they prefer warm homes or buildings. With their thin flat bodies, it is easy for them to enter homes under small cracks along doors, foundations or window sills.

Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs

These pests are usually seen in homes during the fall in rooms with more sunlight. Although there are DIY methods listed online for getting rid of stink bugs, it is best to avoid those. They are ineffective and often drive stink bugs into hard-to-reach places. Once stink bugs enter a home, they are very difficult to eradicate. Professionals have effective pest control substances and know how to set up a treatment schedule that will eliminate stink bugs.

If you live in Eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey and have noticed any stink bugs in your home, now is the time to call Lethal Pest Solutions for fast, affordable and effective stink bug removal services.

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