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5 Places in Your Home That Provide Perfect Hiding Spots for Roaches

5 Places for Roaches to Hide in Your Home

Regardless of how often you clean your New Jersey or Pennsylvania home, you're still likely to encounter a problem with cockroaches at some time or another. Both of these states have experienced a significant presence of cockroaches that include both American and German cockroaches and the common brown cockroach. While German cockroaches are the most common, we regularly eradicate all types of this insect here at Lethal Pest Solutions.

Issues Associated With Cockroaches

Other than the immediate horror that most people feel when they hit the light switch in the middle of the night and see hundreds of cockroaches running everywhere, there are many reasons that you don't want these nasty creatures in your home. A very big concern is that cockroaches contaminate everything that they touch with bacteria that is known to spread several serious illnesses that include typhus, salmonella and E. coli. Those with allergies or asthma may also experience severe symptoms that are triggered by the urine or droppings that are left by the cockroaches.

When You Don't See Them

Even when you see only a single cockroach here or there, you can bet that there are hundreds more hiding until the lights go out. These are a few of their favorite hiding places.

1. Beneath Your Oven

Roaches like to congregate beneath your oven because it often provides them with a warm place to sleep. They also adore grease, and they'll come out at night to explore the top of the stove and the entire oven for a hearty grease meal.

2. Small Appliances

Appliances that include toasters and coffee pots are popular with every type of cockroach. They live under these appliances for heat, and they love to eat the toast crumbs and the coffee grounds.

3. Water Heaters

Because a water heater provides both regular heat and some moisture, it is considered prime residential property to every cockroach. Even if it's locked away in a closet, the cockroaches can easily squeeze their way in.

4. Cardboard and Paper

If you keep a lot of books and magazines, newspapers waiting to be recycled or boxes in the attic, then you're likely to find cockroaches hanging around. Some cockroaches consider paper to be the perfect delicacy, and others use it for a bathroom.

5. Bathrooms

Roaches may be found under the sink, behind the toilet and all around the bathtub in order to obtain a cool drink of water. Incredibly, they even find sources of food in this room because they enjoy eating such unlikely items as soap shavings, little flakes of your skin that have been left behind and the rolls of toilet paper.

Get Those Cockroaches Out Today

Those living in counties throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania don't have to share their home with these nasty insects for even one more day. We offer affordable and effective pest-control services here at Lethal Pest Solutions, and we'll be happy to give you a free quote.

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