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Anatomy of a Stink Bug (and Why They’re Hard to Remove)

Stink bugs are another type of pest that share much in common with cockroaches. They love food and warmth, however, these bugs will often eat outside foods such as plants or crops, rather than sugar foods from inside the home.

You can pretty much take care of one stink bug on your own, but if you see more appear, live or dead, then it is a sign that you have a bigger problem on your hands and need pest control services, as you very likely will not be able to get them all before they breed more. Here are some more details about stink bugs for identification purposes.

Stink Bug Appearance

Once you see a stink bug for the first time, they are fairly easy to identify. Their shell can closely resemble a shield or triangular shape. They have a mottled brown appearance, and can grow as big as three quarters of an inch long. They have six legs, in addition to antennas, but they crawl rather slowly.

Stink bugs are names after the odor that they give off when they feel threatened. This odor is sprayed several inches outwards from a gland that the big has on its abdomen. The odor of this gland is comparable to that of strongly-smelling herbs and spices such as cilantro and coriander. These are generally not rank or repulsive smells, though the pleasantness of these odors depend on whom you ask.

The Difference Between Adults And Nymphs

Adult stink bugs can also fly via a pair of wings. They are known to fly well and their wings are folded as they land. Immature stink bugs are known as nymphs, but they have yet to develop wings. A surefire way to tell is a stink bug is an adult is to notice what kind of wings they have, or even lack thereof.

There are many ways for stink bugs to get inside of a home, including through cracks in the foundation and open doors and windows. Find any possible entry points around the home and seal them with silicone caulk to further prevent stink bugs from entering. If you have a screen door that is damaged, you should try to repair or replace it as soon as you can.

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