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Scary Spiders Found in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Spiders have long been known for giving people the creeps. While some of these eight-legged freaks are actually quite dangerous, others just look horrifying. Let’s take a glance at the scariest spiders in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Wolf Spider

With the ability to reach two inches in length, the wolf spider is among the biggest spiders in the area. It has a menacing appearance that sends most people running the other direction. You’ll immediately notice its long, hairy legs. Sharp fangs add to the wolf spider’s intimidation factor. Although the wolf spider tends to be non-aggressive, it will certainly attack when provoked.

Black Widow

Highlighted by its red hourglass mark, the black widow is a terrifying monster. Fortunately, this spider likes to avoid interactions with humans. Some of its favorite hiding places includes closets, dark corners, and basements. If you happen to come face to face with one, slowly back away. A black widow’s venom contains a powerful neurotoxin, which can cause victims to experience nerve pain.

Yellow Sac Spider

Although yellow sac spiders are relatively small, they pack a powerful punch. Not only is a yellow sac spider’s bite painful, but it also causes intense itching and swelling. Because these albino-colored spiders don’t like the cold weather, they tend to invade homes during the wintertime. Don't be surprised to find them crawling along walls and ceilings. Yellow sac spiders also like so hide in piles of clothes.

Jumping Spider

Jumping spider are pure athletes. They have the ability to leap great distances in a single bound. Upon spotting prey, a jumping spider will quickly spring into action. This is the reason why jumping spiders don’t need to spin webs in order to catch other insects. Although these spiders may look frightening with their piercing eyes, they usually hop away when approached by people.

Brown Recluse

Brown recluse spiders are rarely seen in this area. Nevertheless, they do exist. If you happen to encounter a spider that has a violin-shaped mark on its back, there’s a good chance it could be a brown recluse. These spiders are just as treacherous as they look. Some of the horrifying symptoms of a brown recluse bite include joint pain, bloody urine, and extreme fatigue. Even worse, the damaged tissue can take up to a year to heal.

These are just a small sample of the spiders that roam New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you're experiencing an infestation, be sure to contact Lethal Pest Control. Our professional technicians are trained to handle a wide range of different pests. Be sure to call us for a free quote on service.

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Signs You Have Mice in Your Home

When you see one or two mice in your home, especially when it's warm outside or if there have been recent heavy rains, it's not completely unexpected. If you begin seeing five or more mice in your home, then you know that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Pay attention to a few signs that could indicate a large number of mice that need to be exterminated before they quickly turn into dozens. Companies like Lethal Pest Solutions can humanely treat your home for mice while using products that prevent them from returning.

Pay attention to any droppings that you see. When mice are in the home, you'll usually see small black or brown droppings on countertops, in drawers, in cabinets, and along the walls where the pests run. Fresh droppings are usually dark in color and have a soft texture. When droppings age, they turn gray and become brittle. As long as you see dark droppings, then you know mice are somewhere in your home.

Look at furniture, cabinets, and corners of drawers for gnaw marks. Mice enjoy biting on wood and other hard objects. Sometimes, these marks will be seen on food packages. New gnaw marks are light in color compared to darker marks that have been there for some time. You should also look at the size of the marks. Large marks are usually indicative of rats whereas smaller marks are often from mice. Sometimes, pets in the home will focus on one area of a room or become excited when they are in one area of the room. Dogs and cats can usually smell scents from rodents when people can't and can often hear rodents as they scurry in the walls or in cabinets.

You might notice a strong odor in areas of the home where droppings or gnaw marks have been seen. The odor often indicates several mice in one area, usually from a nest that has been built. When you begin to see signs of mice in the home, you can set traps or bait to try to get rid of them. Once they overtake the home, then a professional service is usually the only way to get rid of the rodents.

Contact Lethal Pest Solutions for more information.

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Why You Should Winterize Your Home for Winter Pests

Winterize in order to protect your home against the elements. This is also an important method for controlling pest infestations as well. This process can help you to protect your most important investment, which is your home. Many pests are capable of entering the home if there are weak areas in the walls or floors of the property. They can also enter from the roof or through cracks around the windows. This is a process that helps you to locate the areas of the home that are most vulnerable because they attract pests. Reducing the likelihood of an infestation will help you to keep your property free from these pests.

Cost and Benefits of Winterizing Your Home

Damage from the elements is a serious threat when you are considering the benefits of winterizing your home. However, there are other kinds of damage that you should think about as well. For example, winter pests will attempt to survive the harsh season by entering your home in search of warmth, food and water. These pests will often use their sense of smell to detect a food supply, which will enable them to build a colony inside of your walls. They can remain undetected for long periods of time. Winterize your property in order to address the areas where these pests are most likely to use as an entry point.

The costs of winterizing your home will be offset by the benefits that you get from preventing damage by the elements. Clearing out the rain gutters is an important way to keep this area from becoming damaged because of the effects of the water on the property. In many cases, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your home. In addition, we are conscious of the interest that our customers have in sustainable solutions for their long-term pests needs. Our products are high-quality, and our service professionals have the latest tools and training to deal with any problem.

Lethal Pest Solutions

Our services include caulking, gutter maintenance, sealing, inspecting and eliminating pests from your property. Winterizing presents an opportunity to get the work done on your home that is necessary. By taking action early in the season, you can save money while protecting your investment. This attention to the insulation and entry points for pests serves two purposes because it allows you to keep the pests out while keeping your heat inside. Pests can set up colonies inside of your home without being detected, and this is especially true during the cold winter months when they are seeking shelter from the harsh weather. This is an important preventative measure that will keep your home safe from pest infestations. Contact Lethal Pest Solutions for more information.

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How to Have a Pest-Free Summer Picnic

When the warm and sunny months of summer finally arrive, many people will venture outdoors to have a summer picnic with their friends and family. Doing so is a great way to enjoy the weather and spend time with those who matter the most. If you also enjoy summer picnics and want to have a positive experience, it's vital you stop pests from spoiling your fun. You can safeguard yourself and others when you learn and implement a few tips, and the invaders won't stand a chance. Using a pest control plan to protect your picnic can provide you with incredible results.

Clean Before Your Picnic

Having a dirty yard or park is one of the top ways people invite unwanted guests to their picnics, and you can avoid the issue when you know what to do. Trash cans will attract flies and wasps, so changing the trash cans will reduce the threat. If you don't want other insects to make trouble during your summer picnic, mow the grass and remove standing bodies of water from the area in advance, and you will be glad you did. Taking a few steps and putting in a little effort will take you far when you want pests to leave you and your guests alone.

Use Insect Traps

Insect traps are a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to have a pest-free picnic, and you will find a range of options when you travel to your local department store. Look for bee and ant traps so that you can keep some of the most common invaders at bay for the duration of your event. Placing one or two traps near your guests will get you started, but you will also need to put traps around the perimeter of your picnic.

Bring Mosquito Repellent

Your best effort won't always get the job done the first time, so you should bring a few bottles of mosquito repellent along. Look at the instructions of the repellent you are considering to learn how long it will last, but you must find something that is kid-friendly if you are going to invite children to the picnic.

Lethal Pest Solutions

Without much warning, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and other pests can crash your summer picnic and cause trouble for your guests. You can do many things to reduce the number of pests that come to your picnic, but you won't replace the touch of a caring expert. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we won't waste time when it comes to meeting your needs and protecting your picnic from unwelcome guests. To learn more about us and what our team can do for you and your family, pick up your phone to give us a call.

Take a look at our service area and see if we can take care of your home or business today! We proudly serve multiple area, including Medford, New Jersey.

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Think Twice About Squishing Stink Bugs

While stink bugs aren't the most dangerous insects, they can still become a major pain in the neck. During the winter and fall, they will definitely be seeking shelter from the cold weather. Your home becomes the perfect place for these foul-smelling insects. Here's why you shouldn't squish stink bugs.

Stepping On a Stink Bug Causes a Terrible Smell

If you want to avoid a stink bug's horrendous smell, avoid squashing them at all costs. The scent can linger for days at a time. When inviting guests over to your home, this can create a very embarrassing situation to say the least. Everyone will immediately notice the stench in the air. In some instances, you may even need to shampoo your carpet and wash your curtains.

The Smell Alerts Other Stink Bugs

When you squish a stink bug, special pheromones are released in the air. These chemicals actually attract other stink bugs into your home. Although you may have a minor stink bug problem at first, it can quickly become a full-on infestation.

Can Stink Bugs Cause You Harm?

Although stink bugs can leave your home smelling unsanitary, they don't usually pose a health risk to your family and friends. The typical stink bug can't even bite you. These harmless insects spend most of their existence feeding on plants. Nevertheless, some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to stink bugs.

How To Keep Away Stink Bugs

Taking the necessary preventive measures will help keep stink bugs at bay. It's especially important to keep your home properly sealed at all times. Even a tiny opening will allow stink bugs to casually creep inside. Be sure that all of your windows and doors have the necessary weather stripping. A simple cracked screen also gives stink bugs easy access to your home.

Cleaning Up Dead Stink Bugs

It's not uncommon for residents to find dozens of dead stink bugs in their home. While vacuuming up the old carcasses may seem like a good idea, this can actually cause an unpleasant smell for a while. When cleaning your home, pay close attention to areas behind appliances and furniture.

Contact Lethal Pest Solutions for all of your pest control needs. From termites to ants, our technicians are professionally trained to handle a variety of different pests. Call or email us for a free quote on service.

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