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Why the Summer is a Good Time to Sign Up for an Annual Service Plan

Searching for a pest control company that delivers quick and high-quality solutions shouldn't be as hard as eliminating a flea infestation. Unfortunately, with so many pest control companies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey vying for your business, it isn't always easy to choose one that you can put your faith in with full confidence.

When browsing the different pest control companies in the area, it's important to select one that offers annual service plans to ensure you're always protected. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we offer a range of annual service plans for your home or business. Here are three reasons it's a good idea to sign up for one this summer.

It's the Busiest Season for Pests

With warmer temperatures come larger swarms of pests. During the summer, cockroaches, fleas, and termites are among the most problematic pests in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. When you invest in an annual service plan, you ensure your property, pets, and family are protected from these nuisances. What's more, an annual service plan also protects you throughout the winter, when rodents like mice and rats become more problematic.

It's the Most Effective Way to Protect Your Property From Pests

If you don't feel like taking on the responsibility of protecting your property, pets, and family from pests, which can become quite the hardship during the summer, leave the work to a professional. When you invest in an annual service plan, you can forget about performing pest control yourself and know that your property will be protected.

For example, when treating your property for termites, we'll use Termidor Termiticide, which is:

  • The most effective pest control solution for termites
  • Applied in a low dose and doesn't emit an offensive odor
  • Considered a new class of pest control chemistry
  • Great at offering long residual protection by acting on contact
  • Able to affect all termites by spreading fast to others

It's the Best Option on the Market

Insecticides and traps might work temporarily, but they don't prevent infestation and aren't a permanent solution. When you invest in an annual service plan at Lethal Pest Solutions, you'll ensure your home or office is always looked after by a professional pest control specialist and that you won't experience an infestation this summer or next winter.

For additional information about our pest control annual service plans, or if you're in need of immediate pest control services in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, contact Lethal Pest Solutions at (888) 485-0582. Our pest control specialists are standing by to ensure your home or business is free from the area's most annoying pests this summer.

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How To Identify Tick Bites

Many local residents enjoy hiking and outdoor activities while the weather is warm. Unfortunately, opportunistic ticks also favor warm temperatures. You can easily pick up ticks in your own yard, on a hiking trail or while riding a horse through tall brush. Ticks wait on the blades of grass or on leaves until a host brushes against it, and then they look for a place to bite. Ticks feed on blood and will become engorged if they are not discovered and removed quickly.

Tick Bite Identification

If a tick bites and does not latch on, it will be difficult to determine what type of tick bit you. Tick bites may appear red and may also itch. If you have been bitten by a tick and could not find it for identification, seek medical help. When a tick bites and latches on, it buries its head under your skin to feed. It is important to safely remove the tick for proper identification.

The CDC recommends using tweezers to remove a tick. Place the tweezers as close to the skin as possible, and pull straight upward with firm pressure. Do not pull to the side since this could leave the tick's head under your skin. Save the tick for identification. If you cannot safely remove the tick, see a doctor immediately. Do not try to burn the pest or apply any toxic substance to its body.

Types Of Ticks In The Area

Although there are many types of ticks, only some bite humans. These pests can be carriers of serious diseases such as Powassan disease and Lyme disease. Powassan disease leads to encephalitis and is deadlier than Lyme disease, which can cause permanent cognitive damage as well as a wide array of physical ailments. These are the most common types of ticks found in the Northeast:

  • American dog tick
  • Blacklegged tick
  • Brown dog tick
  • Lone star tick

How To Prevent Tick Bites

If you have tall grass or shrubbery on your property, you are at risk for a tick infestation. You can reduce your risks with professional tick control. While this will keep you safe on your property, you must still take precautions when you enjoy hiking, horseback riding or other outdoor activities. Be sure to check yourself carefully when you get home, and wear bug repellent with at least 40 percent DEET to discourage ticks from biting.

For professional tick control services, choose Lethal Pest Solutions. We can quickly eliminate tick populations and help you prevent them from returning. Please call us for a free estimate. We serve New Jersey, Pennsylvania and parts of Delaware.

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Don't Let Roaches Crash Your Memorial Day BBQ

Even though it's still a few months away, Memorial Day will be here before you know it. Like many people, you'd probably like to have friends and family over for some barbecuing and other outdoor fun. Unfortunately, there's a very good chance that roaches will invite themselves to the shindig too unless you take steps to keep them at bay. By understanding what attracts roaches to barbecues, you can reduce the risk of your barbecue being ruined by the pesky pests. Lethal Pest Solutions understands roaches and their behavior. Read on below to learn more.

Why Roaches can't Resist Barbecues

Nothing can put a damper on an otherwise enjoyable Memorial Day barbecue quite like catching roaches scurrying around the premises. People often assume that they should keep bug spray handy to scare away the pests, but that's far from optimal. No one wants harsh chemicals spraying around near food. The main reason that roaches are drawn to outdoor gatherings is because there is so much food around. Roaches particularly like starches, sweets and meats, and all three are typically found in abundance during barbecues. To keep roaches from ruining your fun, then, it pays to keep food as contained as possible.

Protect Food from Roaches

Food is the centerpiece of any barbecue, and that's especially true on Memorial Day. You can't throw this kind of event without food and drinks, but that doesn't mean that you must resign yourself to chowing down with roaches underfoot. Instead, figure out ways to keep food as contained as possible. One option is to serve the food indoors and have people bring their plates outside to eat. That way, far less food is outside, and roaches are less likely to be an issue. Another option is to keep food outside but to store it in containers that can be kept tightly sealed when not in use. Make sure to keep trash receptacles either indoors or with lids firmly locked into place outside.

Professional Roach Control by Lethal Pest Solutions

Having roaches descend upon an outdoor party isn't unusual. Having them get into your home, or having a property that's positively overrun with them, is. Such situations call for professional intervention, as do-it-yourself measures only provide temporary relief. If you have been noticing roaches around your home and would like to get the situation under control as effectively as possible, Lethal Pest Solutions is here to help. We'll figure out the root of the problem to help you achieve a roach-free living environment. Give us a call today to schedule service.

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Proof Your Yard For Fleas and Ticks

Most people who have cats or dogs have also had fleas or ticks at some point, and it's important for all pet owners to learn how to detect, prevent and eliminate the problem. Fleas and ticks cause their hosts to itch when they feed, but the parasites can also cause other health concerns. No matter where you live, you are never immune from this problem, and staying alert is one of the best ways to stay out of harm's way.


Fleas are small insects that look like black dots, and you will need to actively search for them in your pet's fur if you would like to identify the threat. You will likely notice your pet scratching himself excessively when fleas are present, which can cause damage to the skin. Even though fleas can live for several months without a host, they will spend their entire lives on your pet if possible. Once you spot the first sign of trouble, purchase flea shampoo quickly so that you can contain the situation.


Unlike fleas, ticks are arachnids that don't spend much time on their hosts. Surviving for up to one year without a meal, ticks will wait on grass and shrubs for your cat or dog to walk past. If an animal gets in range, a tick won't waste any time when it comes to making its move. Because they are unable to jump, ticks don't spread as quickly as fleas and need to come into direct contact with a new host. Not everyone knows how to spot ticks, but these creatures have small bodies that appear flat.

Lethal Pest Solutions

If your pet has fleas or ticks, you must take steps to safeguard your pet and yourself from the parasites. Although using a quality flea and tick shampoo can work wonders, it's not enough if you want to prevent the problem from reoccurring, so it's important you keep the parasites away from your home and yard unless you want them to keep targeting your pet. When your goal is to avoid unneeded risks, consider contacting a trained pest control specialist for advice and guidance. You will find many pest control companies in New Jersey, but most people know that they can count on Lethal Pest Solutions to get the job done right. Because we care about your pet as much as you do, we will do what it takes to get the problem under control quickly. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call, and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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Three Ways to Prepare for Termite Swarms

Lethal Pest Solutions provides effective pest-control services to our customers in areas around NJ, PA, and parts of Delaware. Our methods are essential for residential and business clients who are facing a swarm of termites. However, we also offer preventative services, which can effectively reduce the chances that you will get a swarm of termites later in the year.

Preparing for Termite Swarms

Informed consumers can take steps to prepare for termite swarms before the season allows them to invade your area. Our outreach efforts attempt to educate prospective clients about these dangers, so you can take specific actions to prevent an infestation. There are specific conditions that allow termites swarms to grow into unmanageable sizes. If you do not take these precautionary measures, the termites can invade your home and garden. They can damage your home by gnawing into the structures that support the property. Exposed wood is susceptible to damage, and they can eat into wooden furniture, floorboards, beams, window frames and other parts of the interior if they manage to get inside your property.

There are three specific steps you can take to prepare for a possible swarm of termites:

1. Take care of any water damage to your property immediately. If you experienced heavy rain, flooding or bursting water pipes, termites will gravitate towards these areas. Moisture damage to wood can signal a fertile breeding ground for hungry termites.

2. Keep all of your external drains and gutters clean and free of debris. When gutters get clogged for any reason, the water that would normally drain through them can accumulate. When water overflows from a clogged drain, it can affect the surrounding structures, and some of these are made from wood. This is also a necessary precaution to take when you’re examining the perimeter of your home where pests can flourish.

3. Keep any plants clear from the foundation of your home. Termites can exploit this vulnerability if you allow weeds, shrubs and flowers from growing right next to the base of the building. This is an effective method for preparing for a termite swarm.

Contact Us

We provide information and other resources for clients who wish to make an informed decision. We encourage all of our potential customers to contact us as soon as possible. Our professionals are experienced and qualified to deal with the problems associated with termite swarms. This includes preparing your home for a pest infestation. Our services are your first line of defense. Contact Lethal Pest Solutions to take care of all of your pest control needs.

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