Now that the heat of summer has started to abate, there’s a certain chill in the air that lets us know that autumn is on the way. And for many of us, chilly weather means it’s time to enjoy a fire in the fireplace.

Fireplaces are a luxury item that many of us are lucky enough to have — but did you know that your fireplace is also a luxury for invading pests like insects and rodents? That’s right: your fireplace is basically an open tunnel, inviting any outside critters to come on inside and have a look around.

You can prevent this, though, by checking your fireplace and following these simple steps to keep it (and your home) pest-free.

Close the Flue

The good news is that your fireplace comes with a built-in pest deterrent that’s actually pretty effective: the flue. When not using your fireplace, it’s important to remember to reach up into the chimney and close the flue. Most of them operate with a very simple level, and when you close the flue you’re keeping out all sorts of problems from the outside, including bugs, rodents, birds, bads, cold air and other outside problems.

The problem is that many homeowners forget to close the flue when not in use, thereby leaving their home open.

Of course, when you are lighting a fire, you have to remember to open up the flue again to let the fire air out — otherwise your home will fill up with smoke!

Close off the Hearth

While the flue might be your fireplace’s main line of defense, it doesn’t have to be the only one. Most fireplaces come with a set of doors or gates on the front. Not only does this help to keep children away from the fireplace, but these doors can also be another line of defense against unwanted intruders.

Have Your Fireplace Inspected

A final way to make sure your fireplace is bug-free is to have it inspected regularly. Not only is this good common sense anyway, it will help ensure that there are no cracks that smaller bugs can squeeze through to gain access to your house.

Because a fireplace is such an easy way to gain entry, it’s vital that you stay diligent when it comes to keeping it bug- and rodent-free. For professional help with this matter, please feel free to contact us at Lethal Pest Solutions today.