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Have a Pest Free Holiday

Have a Pest Free Holiday

When the weather turns cold, your home becomes a cozy haven for pests that lurk right outside your doors. Rather than rough the elements, pests like spiders prefer to invade your home so that they can forage for food, stay warm, and reproduce rapidly.

A spider infestation can put a serious damper on your holiday fun, however. Eliminate spiders and other wintertime pests today by taking these proactive pest control steps.

Why Get Rid of Spiders?

You may have heard the old adage about not all spiders being bad. It is true that some varieties like garden spiders are helpful in keeping pest populations down in your yard and garden. However, when they invade your home, all spiders typically mean trouble for you and your family.

Most varieties of spiders are capable of biting humans, often leaving behind painful and itchy welts. Some spiders, such as brown recluses, can cause people to experience severe allergic reactions and even suffer organ failure or death.

Rather than hedge your bets on any spider being an ally rather than an enemy, you should do whatever is necessary to remove and prevent spiders from coming into your home during the cold wintertime months. You can make your home less hospitable by using some simple pest prevention strategies designed to keep spiders out for good.

Preventing Spider Infestations

Before wintertime arrives, you should inspect your home to identify areas where spiders could get inside. Even the smallest crack around a window or hole in the baseboard could be enough for spiders to crawl inside your home.

You also should inspect your yard to see if there is anything that could make the outside area of your home inviting to spiders. Overgrown shrubs, piles of straw or leaves, or garbage bins left by your back door can all be places where spiders enjoy temporary shelter before finding a way inside your home.

Finally, if you are unsure of how to spider-proof your home this winter, your best bet would be to hire a professional extermination company like Lethal Pest Solutions. This New Jersey and Pennsylvania-area pest extermination company has the experience and resources needed to keep spiders out of your home this winter and throughout the rest of the year.

Perimeter Protection for Your Home

The key to keeping spiders away from and out of your home involves setting up a barrier that they cannot cross. With perimeter protection, your home is safeguarded by a spray that is safe for you and your loved ones to be around but toxic to spiders that try to invade your house.

The perimeter protection is invisible and does not leave behind a residue or odor. It can be sprayed on the outside of your home regularly during the year so that spiders stay away once the weather starts turning cold.

Who needs to worry about spiders as the holidays are approaching? Deck the halls without the worry of spiders and other pests in your home by contacting Lethal Pest Solutions about perimeter protection and other pest extermination services today!

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