Like you and I, pests always keep their eyes peeled for a good meal. 

Also, like us, they’re likely to head toward the pantry to find one, and who can blame them? You have all sorts of goodies in there, especially for them. 

But although it may be a great deal for them, that’s not the case for you. It’s robbing you of your food and putting your health at risk— not to mention it being plain rude. 

Don’t worry, though. Lethal Pest Solutions has been at it for 63 years. That’s experience and knowledge that you can rely on. 

So are you ready to keep that mac and cheese safe?

Tip One… Clean.

I know, I know. It feels like it’s too simple or that we’re leading you on, but remember that experience? Trust us. 

As we said, pests love a good meal, and they’ll happily take your food crumbs as one. But if you clean regularly, there won’t be anything for them to snack on— reducing the likelihood of them showing up at all. 

Tip Two… Seal Your Food Correctly.

Now that you have those pesky crumbs out of the way let’s try to keep it that way. Shall we? 

Among the many reasons that crumbs fall onto the floor, a big one is improper storage. It can be a great idea to use containers with a good seal after opening a food item. That will prevent crumbs on the floor and the odor from attracting pests.

Bonus tip: you can recycle any glass containers or jars for easy storage. 

Tip Three… Set Out Bay Leaves.

Don’t look at us like that. We’re the professionals here, okay? 

Bay leaves are a good spice, but they’re also a pest deterrent. Placing the dried-out bay leaves inside your pantry will ward off ants, fleas, cockroaches and more! Which is more than impressive for a tasty spice. 

Feel a Bit Safer?

We hope that you’re feeling safe with these tips. Of course, we know that if you use them, you will be. 

However, there are some pest situations that bay leaves aren’t equipped to handle. After all, it’s a spice, not a miracle worker. For that situation, we can help you. Lethal Pest Solutions can leave your home secure and safe. Call today