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Keep Your Halloween Party Free of Pests This Year

Keep Your Halloween Pest Free

Halloween embodies the fun feelings of fall. You may enjoy carving pumpkins or may be busy planning a costume party. You should not allow your celebration to be ruined by insects and other critters. Here are some of the most common autumn pests that may lurk around your home, where they are likely to hide, and the damages that they cause.

Common Fall Pests

Some of the most beautiful fall foliage can be viewed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Despite the awesome scenery, this season brings a number of pests.

  • Rodents- Rats and mice require warmth and food, so they look for autumn and winter homes. They commonly hide in garages, attics, and between the walls of houses. Since these pests spread diseases, it is essential to guard against an infestation. Also, rodents chew through wires, so they are fire hazards as well. Since they can squeeze into tiny cracks, it is vial to fill any foundation gaps and to store food in airtight containers.
  • Ants- Numerous ants flock to homes during the fall season. For instance, carpenter ants and odorous ants are common. These pests contaminate food and cause devastating structural damage. To keep ants from entering your home, it is smart to seal all cracks in your foundation, eliminate pools of water, cut back foliage, and store food in lidded containers. If you have a fireplace, you should store wood away from your house as well.
  • Cockroaches- Some of the worst fall pests are cockroaches. Besides their unsightly appearance, they may spread bacteria, and their feces may cause asthma attacks. Since these insects prefer dark and moist areas, they often hide in a home's pipes or drains. By the time they are detected, a severe infestation has probably started. To keep them away, it is vital to seal all structural cracks, vacuum often, and sanitize the kitchen and bathroom.

Contact the Professionals

To keep your Halloween party free of pests, you must take preventative measures and learn what critters wreak the most havoc during this time of year. The above tips should help preserve your health and keep your home safe from damages. If you suspect a problem, contact Lethal Pest Solutions. This company has over five decades of experience in the pest control industry. It thoroughly inspects properties and customizes plans that target clients' individual needs. To schedule an appointment, call (888)485-5082.

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