For many people, the holidays mean decorating your house, crackling fires in the fireplace and packages full of toys and gifts. 

While all of these things might make you love this season, they are all easy ways for outside pests to get inside your home at this time of year. As you celebrate this special time, it is important to keep in mind that bugs and critters are also enjoying the easier access to your home. 

So, what sorts of home invaders can you find this season?


Probably the most common outside invader is the spider. 

If you have a live Christmas tree in your home, there’s a very good chance at least one spider – if not dozens more – hitched a ride inside. 

Most likely you will never see them, but that is not a guarantee. Even if your tree was inspected, spiders also like to come in on your firewood. So, make sure you inspect your wood, and inspect your tree, before bringing them inside.


If you store your decorations in cardboard boxes, chances are you have a few silverfish in your home. 

These guys love the starches that can be found in cardboard. They also love the dark, out-of-the-way places that you store these boxes in for 10 months out of the year. 

When you unpack your decorations, do a thorough inspection before bringing anything up (or down) to your living room or other main areas.


Ants are another type of critter that love to nest in wood. 

When your tree comes inside, or you bring in another armload of firewood, you might be bringing in ants, as well. Some of these are harmless, but there’s always a chance you could be letting carpenter ants inside. These pests can do some serious damage if you do not discover them in time.


You are most likely already remembering that scene from Christmas Vacation, where the squirrel is inside the tree and then wreaks havoc on the house, right? 

While that scene might have been funny, it is also a good word of caution. It might not be as common for mice, rats or squirrels to hitch a ride inside on a Christmas tree. But it is not completely unheard of. 

Make sure you check your trees thoroughly. This also goes for firewood, wreaths and other things you bring in from the outside.

However, the main issue with rodents comes from those boxes you have in storage. Just like silverfish, cardboard is a great food source for these little guys. Before putting things in storage, make sure they are pest-free, and do the same when you bring them back out.

At Lethal Pest Solutions, we want you to enjoy your holiday season. Having a pest-free home is an important part of that, so take this advice to heart: 

If you need a more professional hand in keeping the critters out, do not wait to contact us at Lethal Pest Solutions today to set up an appointment.