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Three Ways to Prepare for Termite Swarms

Lethal Pest Solutions provides effective pest-control services to our customers in areas around NJ, PA, and parts of Delaware. Our methods are essential for residential and business clients who are facing a swarm of termites. However, we also offer preventative services, which can effectively reduce the chances that you will get a swarm of termites later in the year.

Preparing for Termite Swarms

Informed consumers can take steps to prepare for termite swarms before the season allows them to invade your area. Our outreach efforts attempt to educate prospective clients about these dangers, so you can take specific actions to prevent an infestation. There are specific conditions that allow termites swarms to grow into unmanageable sizes. If you do not take these precautionary measures, the termites can invade your home and garden. They can damage your home by gnawing into the structures that support the property. Exposed wood is susceptible to damage, and they can eat into wooden furniture, floorboards, beams, window frames and other parts of the interior if they manage to get inside your property.

There are three specific steps you can take to prepare for a possible swarm of termites:

1. Take care of any water damage to your property immediately. If you experienced heavy rain, flooding or bursting water pipes, termites will gravitate towards these areas. Moisture damage to wood can signal a fertile breeding ground for hungry termites.

2. Keep all of your external drains and gutters clean and free of debris. When gutters get clogged for any reason, the water that would normally drain through them can accumulate. When water overflows from a clogged drain, it can affect the surrounding structures, and some of these are made from wood. This is also a necessary precaution to take when you’re examining the perimeter of your home where pests can flourish.

3. Keep any plants clear from the foundation of your home. Termites can exploit this vulnerability if you allow weeds, shrubs and flowers from growing right next to the base of the building. This is an effective method for preparing for a termite swarm.

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