While wasps play an important role in preserving the environment, they can be an annoying pest. Not only can they ruin a family gathering in a backyard, but they can also prove to be incredibly dangerous. The following are some reasons why wasps are so dangerous.

Aggressive and Territorial

The main problem with wasps is that they are aggressive and territorial. The entire colony is involved in the nest making process, and they will protect it with their lives. When a colony decides to build a nest in your yard or home, it will be difficult to approach.

Multiple Stings

Unlike bees, wasps are capable of stinging multiple times. The stinger will detach off of a bee when it stings a human, which causes the bee to die. When a person approaches a wasp nest, the wasps will continuously sting the intruder. They will also sting if they become disturbed or agitated while scavenging or pollinating. When they sting in packs, it can be incredibly painful and even deadly.

Allergic Reactions

If someone that is allergic to wasp stings becomes stung, they can experience a severe reaction. This will require immediate medical attention, and multiple stings can significantly worsen their condition. It is important to always have epinephrine on hand to prevent anaphylactic shock.

Preventing a Wasp Infestation

Fortunately, there are ways that you can prevent wasps from building nests in your yard or home. Remove all sources of food around your porch area to avoid attracting wasps. Caulk should be used to properly seal up any doors and windows0- because wasps are capable of fitting through small holes. There are plants that naturally deter wasps such as mint and basil. These plants have plenty of practical uses as well. It is important to deal with a wasp nest before it grows in size. Regularly checking your yard and home for nests in order to be able to deal with them quickly.

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