Ants are tiny creatures, and some even go unnoticed until that painful moment they bite. The redness and swelling they leave behind can last for days causing constant irritation.

There are currently more than 700 species of ants residing on this planet, but thankfully, not all live in Eastern Pennsylvania. Here there are five you will commonly find in our area.

While most of these are more of a harmless nuisance, there are two that can cause structural damage to any building. Sure, it seems like an ant couldn’t do much damage but when was the last time an ant colony had only one ant?

Ants That Cause Structural Damage

Nuisance Ants

No matter what type of ants you find, if they’re indoors, then they’re in the wrong place! Calling Lethal Pest Solutions for service at the first sight is essential in stopping them and their colonies from spreading.