Situated on the beautiful Delaware River and across from Philadelphia, Camden is more than a bedroom community. As a resident in Camden, you understandably appreciate its rich history, friendly vibe and amazing attractions. From the aquarium to dozens of historical sites, parks and more, there is plenty to love about life in Camden.

One of the downsides of living in Camden, however, is that the local environment is ideal for many types of pests to thrive. Some of these pests will invade your home or business, and they may be responsible for bites, illnesses and even property damage. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we offer exceptional pest control services that will keep your home and business in Camden free of unwanted guests.

Residential Pest Control

Have you noticed silverfish in your bathrooms? Are cockroaches, beetles or other critters running around your home? Whether you are combating these or other pests at home, our exterminators in Camden are ready to help. Our services include eradication of the pests through effective treatments, and we also go a step further to provide follow-up services as a preventive step. After all, you do not want these pests to return.

Commercial Pest Control

A pest infestation at your place of business can be devastating. It can affect your professional image, drive customers away and even damage your property and inventory. Our commercial pest control services are available for all types of business properties throughout Camden. We will quickly kill or remove critters that are problematic today, and we are available to provide regular preventative services going forward.

Termite Control

Termites target homes and businesses throughout the area seasonally. They can quickly multiply, and they will destroy wood support structures, fencing, siding and more. If you have noticed signs of termites or if you want to ensure that they are not on your property, we can complete a termite inspection as soon as possible. Our termite treatment will kill these wood-destroying insects quickly. We also offer a termite detection service so that you learn about their presence promptly if they return in the future.

At Lethal Pest Solutions, we provide you with the complete range of services that you need to remove pests that are on your property and to prevent them from returning. Contact us today for a quote for our residential or commercial services.