Cherry Hill Termite Control


Termite infestation is a major concern for homeowners in the the United States except Alaska. Owners of Pennsylvania's older homes are keenly aware of the potential for damage that these pests can wreak on wood-based structures.

Tunneling subterranean termites are the most common species found in this area. These insects live in the soil and forage for decaying roots and vegetation, eventually turning to anything made of wood. Termites can also damage plaster, wallboard and siding. Often, property owners become aware of termite infestation because of clear signs of wood damage, which may affect the structural integrity of the home or building.

The presence of termites may be difficult to detect unless it is swarming season when winged adults capable of reproduction fly around the nest. Other indications include the presence of wings shed by swarming termites, mounds, wood rot and a distinctive smell emanating from wood structures and furniture.

Swarming termites are often mistaken for flying ants. We can tell the difference because termites have straight antennae, absence of a cinched waist and equal-sized wings

When it comes to termite infestation, the best defense is prevention and early detection. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we recommend regularly scheduled inspections throughout the year. We look for all the signs that may hint at the presence of termites. We will also recommend ways that you, as property owner, can do to avoid inviting termites into your structures.

Preventive measures entail common sense steps such as keeping wood piles, mulch and brush away from the house. Ensuring that moisture drains away from the foundation is another practice that may reduce termite problems. Termite control experts suggest application of preventive treatments in and outside your home or commercial property.

The experts at Lethal Pest suggest environmentally-friendly treatments to eliminate termites. Contact us today for a free consultation and a quote for one-time or year-round service.