Medford Pest Control

Carpenter AntsLethal Pest Solutions specializes in professional pest control in Medford and other communities in NJ. Are you concerned about spiders in your home? Are carpenter ants invading your space? Perhaps you’ve noticed bees or wasps swarming around your property. To eliminate any crawling or flying insects in or around your house, contact Lethal Pest Solutions right away!


While spiders in general aren’t harmful, there are some that are potentially hazardous. The two spiders that pose the biggest threat are the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spiders. You can recognize the Black Widow by its black color and red hourglass on its abdomen. The Brown Recluse is a brown spider with a darker brown hourglass on its back. If you do get a bite from either of these spiders, seek medical attention right away.

Carpenter Ants

Ants enter your property as they seek food and water. Carpenter ants are around 5/8 of an inch long and usually gravitate towards damp wood to build their nests. Because ants mature very quickly, a few ants can grow into a large colony in only a few days.

Bees & Wasps

If you have bees or wasps in your yard, it’s very important to contact a pest control service to eliminate the problem. Especially if someone in your family is allergic to bee stings, a professional exterminator knows how to eliminate the bee or wasp colony completely.

When it comes to quality pest control, you can be confident in our award-winning service! If you need an exterminator for spiders, carpenter ants, bees, wasps or other pests, contact Lethal Pest Solutions today to get a free quote on your specific pest control needs!