Warminster Pest Control

CaptureNo matter how clean you keep your home, the occasional ant or roach finds its way in and invites its friends and family over. These bugs come in through the smallest cracks around the doors, the windows and even the foundation. They hunt for food, water and shelter, and once they find it, it takes a team of pest control agents to force them out. This is the point where Lethal Pest Solutions comes in and saves the day.


You can wrap all food items and store them appropriately, but ants know how to seek these foods out no matter what you do. When they find a sugary, sticky spot on the floor or a puddle of water nearby, the ants' pheromone trails lead other colony members to the same location. Before you know it, you have a full-blown ant invasion.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not spread disease, but they bite and cause itchy sores on your body. They come inside your home when you bring in used furniture, clothing and bedding, and it takes a thorough cleaning and a pest control service to remove them. They breed by the thousands and settle in carpets, couches and mattresses.


Cockroaches come out at night and spread disease over countertops, toothbrushes and food items. Roach breeding cycles vary, but a German cockroach and her offspring can produce nearly 300,000 roaches in a single year.

Effective Pest Control in Warminster

Need help getting rid of stubborn pests? Contact Lethal Pest Solutions for a free quote. Our experienced team can devise a plan of action and rid your home of these pests before their numbers multiply.