Bensalem, PA, boasts a rich history and diverse population. The Bucks County township was established in the seventeenth century and was often visited by Benjamin Franklin.

These days, residents may find themselves hosting an entirely different type of visitor — household pests. Just as in other communities, insects and rodents are attracted to food and shelter provided by local homes and businesses. Find out how Bensalem pest control services can help.

Residential Pest Control in Bensalem

From carpenter ants to deer mice, pests add stress to the rigors of running a home. Whether destroying the wood that forms the structure of your house or putting your household at risk of airborne pathogens, these stealthy home invaders threaten your family’s comfort and safety.

Our Bensalem pest control professionals have the training, knowledge and equipment to banish pests and help prevent future infestations. We provide residential pest control services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Commercial Pest Control for Bensalem Businesses

Payroll and sales figures may be front-of-mind for business owners, but pests can be a major distraction. Rodent and insect sightings can spell disaster for certain types of businesses, and pests can contaminate or otherwise damage inventory and equipment.

Commercial pest control services are a must for any business dealing with an infestation. Preventive treatment plans and inspections help prevent the need to deal with pests in the first place. Whether you’re battling an existing infestation or want to ensure that no critters ever put your business at risk, we can help.

Termite Control in Bensalem

A termite infestation is a home or business owner’s worst nightmare. Termites can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage without alerting anyone to their presence. Although they do leave behind signs of their existence — wall and floor damage, rustling sounds behind walls, wings or piles of pellets — many homeowners don’t notice these clues until plenty of damage has been done.

Lethal Pest Solutions is proud to offer the Halo Electronic Termite Detection system. Halo is a highly accurate termite monitoring system that does not require a visual inspection. Contact us for information on this innovative technology, or schedule termite control services for an infestation that’s already underway.

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