There are plenty of perks to living in an apartment, especially in a big city, but they are too often prone to letting in some unwanted roommates: cockroaches. These year-round pests love invading homes and apartment complexes in search of food and shelter. Cockroach prevention takes a concerted effort among apartment residents. When one apartment… Read more »

Termite infestations are relatively common, especially if you live in a heavily wooded area. The spring is typically a time when termites “come alive” again, as they like the warm weather and will be disturbed from their nests after heavy rainfall. Getting a termite infestation in the spring or any time the weather can happen.… Read more »

Globally, there are nearly 1000 unique species of ticks, and they are found everywhere across the United States. Depending on where you live, ticks can be a pest at any time of year. The typical tick season begins when the weather warms and dormant ticks begin to look for food. In most of the U.S.,… Read more »