Sometimes our furry friends can attract creatures that we hate. Even the most vigilant pet owners can miss the signs that their sweet animal is accidentally bringing critters into their home. Here’s how to find out if your pet is bringing some pests inside and what to do about it. What to Watch For Check… Read more »

While wasps play an important role in preserving the environment, they can be an annoying pest. Not only can they ruin a family gathering in a backyard, but they can also prove to be incredibly dangerous. The following are some reasons why wasps are so dangerous. Aggressive and Territorial The main problem with wasps is… Read more »

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There are many differences between rats and mice. Because both are nocturnal creatures, you may not know which one is actually in your home. Some of the differences can help you determine which rodent entered your home. These differences can include physical appearance, sounds, food and nesting habits. Difference in Physical Appearance If you happen to get… Read more »