Many business owners do not realize that termites are a present danger to the building’s structural integrity. Termites often infest a structure for years without being detected and are always something that needs treatment sooner than later. Take a few moments and read below to learn more about termites and how to identify a termite infestation.

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What do termites do?

We all know the famous images of termites eating through wood, but that is far from the only thing that termites can eat. Not only can they destroy wood, they can also take on things like insulation and paper products. On top of that, you will find that filtration systems and swimming pool liners can fall prey to these voracious insects as well. They can also damage live wood. Because of their ability to so thoroughly destroy areas where they have appeared, they can do damage that might actually involve a business becoming abandoned.

Do I have termites?

If you are not selling your business and performing an inspection as you do so, you’ll find that there are really only a limited number of ways to diagnose the issue. Most infestations are discovered between March and May, when you will see large numbers of insects that look a lot like winged ants. This is essentially what happens when eggs hatch in the termite colonies and the temporarily winged insects fly off to start their own colonies. This does not mean that they are leaving your property, of course. This might mean that they are simply moving to a different area in your business!

Can I treat termites myself?

Termites are very difficult to treat and always require the aid of a professional. You may be tempted to use a Do It Yourself termite control method, but these sprays and liquids are never enough to treat these pests and often times result in you wasting money and time. Many of the professional grade liquid termite treatments are not available for normal consumers. Only a professional termite control expert knows exactly how to treat a termite infestation.

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