While the summer brings sunny days and warm temperatures, it also welcomes a swarm of pests hoping to invade your home and impact your health. Of all the pests that call Pennsylvania and New Jersey home, mosquitoes continue to be among the most problematic. Here’s what you need to know about mosquitoes before a bite becomes a fright. 

What You Need to Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have been buzzing around the world for 400 million years since the Triassic Period, and they’ve been in North America for 100 million years since the Cretaceous Period. There are about 2,700 mosquito species worldwide, with 176 calling the United States home. An average mosquito weighs 2.5 milligrams, sucks about 5-millionths of a liter of blood during feeding and can fly up to 1.5 miles per hour. But stating facts is where the fun stops with mosquitoes. What mosquitoes are best known for are the bites that adult females inflict to feed on blood and generate their eggs. 

What Attracts Mosquitoes the Most

There are numerous theories about what attracts mosquitoes and when they’re most active. Around your home, mosquitoes thrive in damp and shaded areas. They will locate their hosts by observing movement using their sight, detecting infra-red radiation emitted by warm bodies and sensing chemical signals like carbon dioxide. 

  • Bigger people make bigger targets and produce more CO2.
  • People who are active or fidget also produce more CO2.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to darker clothing more than lighter clothing.
  • Some research suggests biting increased up to 50 percent with movement.
  • One study suggests that a full moon increases activity by 500 percent.

What Are the Dangers of Mosquitoes

A red mark and itchy skin are the least of your worries if a mosquito bites you. Although there haven’t been any recent cases of dengue, malaria or yellow fever reported in the United States, we urge travelers to take protective precautions when traveling to other areas of the world. The two diseases that have been found in the U.S. include: 

  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus

The West Nile and Zika viruses are most commonly transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. You can reduce the risk of infection by wearing protective clothing and using insect repellent to prevent bites. There currently aren’t any vaccines or medications to prevent or treat these two viruses. Most people infected won’t have symptoms from the West Nile virus. However, you can transmit the Zika virus through sex for about a week after being infected. Pregnant women can also pass the virus to their fetus, which can lead to a birth defect called microcephaly and other fetal brain defects. 

Why Contact Lethal Pest Solutions

Lethal Pest Solutions specializes in treating your property for mosquitoes to prevent and eliminate infestations. 

  • Two services per month completed between May and October at 14-day intervals
  • No appointments to arrange and cost-effective coverage
  • Products used for mosquito control are natural and safe for the environment

For all your pest control needs, including mosquito prevention and elimination, contact Lethal Pest Solutions at (215) 357-2546. Our team of pest control specialists looks forward to ensuring your comfort and health aren’t jeopardized.

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