When most homeowners think of pest control, some of the more common pests that come to mind are mice or cockroaches. While these pests can definitely be a nuisance and can spread disease, they generally do not do as much physical damage as one of the smallest of unwanted guests. Termites can be a problem for homeowners because they can literally eat the house out from under people and often times do so unnoticed for years.

Cherry Hill termite control services

Lethal Pest Solutions is your Camden County residential termite control expert. We offer termite control in Cherry Hill, Gloucester, Voorhees, Mt Laurel, Medford, Marlton, Warminster, New Hope and the surrounding areas. If you are unsure if you have termites infesting your home, be sure to contact our professionals today to schedule an inspection.

Understanding and identifying termites

Termites are widespread throughout much of the earth’s land surface. They can build huge mounds and nests in some areas. In the United States, however, termites are most noted for their propensity to eat the wood that makes up the building material of houses. Termites survive on eating dead plant material, and wood definitely qualifies in this category.

One of the most insidious points in regard to termite infestations is the fact that they are often unknown for years. The damage that the termites do will probably not show up until they have eaten away a great deal of a structure. From the outer layer of wood in a home, these pests can also move inside and start to feast on paper and carpets, causing even more damage. The destruction caused by termites can lead to significant repair costs.

Termites can infiltrate your home and cause serious structural damage

Older homes in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area are in more danger for a termite infestation because builders did not use materials that were natural termite barriers. Getting rid of termites can be a difficult proposition, and the services of a professional pest control service might be in order. As one of the leading pest control services in the area, we can come to homes and businesses and produce a plan that will both get rid of termites and keep them from coming back.

Lethal Pest Solutions utilizes Termidor, a proven liquid termite treatment, to set up a barrier to make sure that termites do not return. Homeowners can rest at ease knowing that their homes are safe from termite damage when calling our professionals. We are your local professionals, offering termite control in Cherry Hill and throughout the surrounding areas.