On the day of treatment all people and pets will have to be out of the house until treatment is completely dry, allow a minimum of three hours. On the day of treatment have animals treated. Make sure you begin or continue the growth regulator (program for fleas] for each pet.

Vacuum furniture, crevices, carpets and rugs thoroughly including beneath beds. Furniture must be turned over and cleaned underneath as well. Remove bag from vacuum cleaner and place in plastic bag, seal and remove from house. The Vacuum itself should also be put in a plastic bag for storage. All floors must be washed.

Clean all wood, tile, and linoleum floors by sweeping and mopping. Clean Concrete floors with soap and water in the garage, basement, or enclosed patio where pets rest or stay.

Open all closets and remove items from closet floors. Pet food and water dishes should be cleaned and stored. Remove all items such as toys and clothes from all floors and from under beds.

Strip all beds. All bedding/linens/throw rugs must be washed. Linens must be left off the bed until we come for service. Anything the animal has come into contact with must be washed. Wash or replace pet bedding. This is a primary breeding ground for eggs that drop off the host (pet). It is very important to keep the bedding clean.

Fleas will continue to hatch for the next 3-5 weeks, but the growth regulator will sterilize the next group of eggs laid, resulting in sterile dying offspring. Vacuum frequently over the next 3 weeks to pick up eggs and stimulate hatching. The residual applied to the carpet etc. will eliminate emerging adult fleas.

You may still be bit by fleas during this period, but emerging adult generally only live a few hours after coming through the residual treatment.