Did you know that the climate in New Jersey and other parts of the Northeast is warmer than it was a hundred years ago? The change is most noticeable in our shortened winters and more frequent spring rainstorms. Unfortunately, the new conditions are very inviting to pests. Here’s a guide to three common insects that may be headed to your home or office.

Carpenter Ants

These insidious creatures do significant structural damage and make a huge mess in the process. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t ingest wood. They simply knock it out of the way in order to create an elaborate system of tunnels. Outdoors, they’re drawn to moist, decaying wood like tree stumps and discarded lumber.

Inside, conditions are inviting if you have water damage or moisture problems. Your flooring, walls and roof are all susceptible to infestation. Carpenter ant colonies consist of thousands of workers. If you see even one insect or notice trails of sawdust, call our experts right away.


About 1 in 30 U.S. homes are infested with subterranean termites every year. You may be shocked to learn that they do more structural damage than fires, earthquakes and severe storms combined. Termites are excellent hiders; a swarm can exist for years before its damage is noticed. They devour wood for its cellulose, a rich organic compound found in plants and their byproducts. Materials that contain cellulose include anything made of wood, carpet or fabric made from plant fibers, paper, wallpaper, books and furniture.

Moisture and warm temperatures are ideal conditions for feeding and breeding, so termites set out in springtime to find entry points to homes and offices. When termites find a food source, they secrete chemicals to notify their friends of the party. 

Termites get into structures by tunneling up to wood sources that are in direct contact with them. Some examples are stacked lumber, porch steps, trellises and firewood. Mulch is one of their favorite snacks, so it should never be used directly adjacent to a foundation. Humidity in your home or outdoor drainage problems are also very attractive to termites.

Termite populations can climb into the millions. Let Lethal Pest Solutions locate the nest, kill the queen and eliminate your problem.

Stink Bugs

The name says it all. Stink bugs secrete a strong, unpleasant odor that acts as a defense mechanism and sends entire families scrambling for fresh air. Whatever you do, don’t crush a stink bug. An even stronger smell is emitted in death. The invasive brown marmorated species was accidentally shipped in from Asia in the late 1990s. The bugs’ backs are shaped somewhat like a shield, and most are light brown with red and white spots. 

These smelly critters won’t breed in your home or threaten your family with disease, but your place is ideal for hibernating. They get in through unsealed doors and windows, garages and attic vents.

A Job for Professionals

Lethal Pest Solutions has been protecting families and businesses for more than 50 years. Our property inspections are thorough. We have the knowledge and experience to eliminate all kinds of pests and prevent their return. Call us today for safe, effective pest solutions in Blackwood, NJ. We also proudly serve Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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