Coming across any common spider in New Jersey and Pennsylvania can be creepy. But even though some may look scary, many spiders in the area may be harmless. They can even be beneficial to have around. Here are some of the common spiders to look out for around your home.

Harmless Spiders Around the House

Here are some of the most common harmless spiders that can be found in New Jersey and Pennsylvania:

  • Common house spider: Parasteatoda Tepidariorum is the most common spider you will find in New Jersey or Pennsylvania homes. Measuring around ¼ of an inch in length, these brown spiders sport a large, round abdomen and dark stripes down their legs. Its bite can leave a minor itchy welt but medically unimportant.
  • Longbodied cellar spider: Another innocuous spider around Pennsylvania are the longbodied cellar spiders. They settle in underused areas around garages, basements and attics. It is identifiable by its exceptionally long legs relative to its body, giving it the informal “daddy longlegs” moniker.
  • Bold jumping spider: These tiny, black and hairy spiders are big in confidence, readily hunting in buildings for prey during the day. With notable spots and eyes, it is easy to identify these harmless spiders within the house.

Spiders to Avoid Around the House

Here are the common spiders in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Avoid them as they can be harmful to people: 

  • Wolf spider: A large hunting spider, the wolf spider is an intimidating and undesirable spider to have in the house. These spiders measure between one to two inches long, with their body resting atop long, hairy legs. While its bite is non-venomous, its noticeable fangs can leave painful sores.
  • Long-legged and broad-faced sac spiders: Long-legged sac spiders are light-colored creatures known to spin webs on smooth surfaces. Meanwhile, their broad-faced brethren prefer hidden areas under siding, panels and window sills. Another non-venomous group of spiders, the long-legged and broad-faced varieties of sac spiders are still known to actively attack humans. Despite both being relatively small at around ¼ inch long, their painful bites can sometimes develop into blisters and infections.
  • Black widow spider: It’s shiny, black body and red hourglass are the well-known signifiers of this terrifying spider. Long considered a deadly attacker, the black widow typically avoids humans. They prefer the isolated areas in basements, closets and nooks and crannies around the house. Nonetheless, bites can cause severe reactions such as sweating, nausea, intense pain and cramping or worse.

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