Both roaches and termites cause problems for homeowners in completely different ways. In fact, these two pests aren’t remotely similar even though they’re classified as insects. Not only do they look different, but they also have different dietary needs. If you want to treat these pests correctly, it pays to know their differences from the start.

Cockroach or Termite: The Physical Differences

The German and American cockroach species are the most common house invaders. The German cockroach is less than an inch in length and has a tan or brown body with two black stripes behind its head. The American cockroach can grow up to 3 inches in length and has a reddish brown body with yellow circular bands behind its head.

A termite is roughly the same size as an ant and has a similar anatomy. Although it looks like an ant, it has two straight antennae, a large head and a wide midsection. It lives in a colony with hundreds or thousands of other members and has a social behavior like the cockroach.

Roach and Termite Diets

Roaches are scavengers and feed on decaying matter in the wild. When they invade homes, they feed on random food items and carcasses of other insects. Termites feed on wood and will consume as much as 10 pounds per year in a large colony.

Roach and Termite Habitats

Roaches prefer dark, moist places and will nest behind the walls inside homes. They will also evade detection inside cabinets in the cracks between the shelves and in dark areas like attics and basements. Termites build their colonies inside the cracks and crevices of wooden structures such as homes, fences, decks and furniture. As the colony expands, the termites move farther into the structure until they have consumed it whole.

Professional Roach and Termite Control

Though roaches and termites are different insects, they have one thing in common: They both invade homes on a regular basis. If these insects have raided your home, Lethal Pest Solutions can help. Our certified technicians will inspect for termites and roaches and diagnose the severity of the infestation. Contact Lethal Pest Solutions and we’ll completely eliminate the pests and set up a preventative maintenance program to keep them from reinfesting your home.