While stink bugs aren’t the most dangerous insects, they can still become a major pain in the neck. During the winter and fall, they will definitely be seeking shelter from the cold weather. Your home becomes the perfect place for these foul-smelling insects. Here’s why you shouldn’t squish stink bugs.

Stepping On a Stink Bug Causes a Terrible Smell

If you want to avoid a stink bug’s horrendous smell, avoid squashing them at all costs. The scent can linger for days at a time. When inviting guests over to your home, this can create a very embarrassing situation to say the least. Everyone will immediately notice the stench in the air. In some instances, you may even need to shampoo your carpet and wash your curtains.

The Smell Alerts Other Stink Bugs

When you squish a stink bug, special pheromones are released in the air. These chemicals actually attract other stink bugs into your home. Although you may have a minor stink bug problem at first, it can quickly become a full-on infestation.

Can Stink Bugs Cause You Harm?

Although stink bugs can leave your home smelling unsanitary, they don’t usually pose a health risk to your family and friends. The typical stink bug can’t even bite you. These harmless insects spend most of their existence feeding on plants. Nevertheless, some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to stink bugs.

How To Keep Away Stink Bugs

Taking the necessary preventive measures will help keep stink bugs at bay. It’s especially important to keep your home properly sealed at all times. Even a tiny opening will allow stink bugs to casually creep inside. Be sure that all of your windows and doors have the necessary weather stripping. A simple cracked screen also gives stink bugs easy access to your home.

Cleaning Up Dead Stink Bugs

It’s not uncommon for residents to find dozens of dead stink bugs in their home. While vacuuming up the old carcasses may seem like a good idea, this can actually cause an unpleasant smell for a while. When cleaning your home, pay close attention to areas behind appliances and furniture.

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