Termite damage is frightening for any home or business owner, as it can cause severe damage to the structure of the building. In some cases, termite damage can add up to costly repairs. It is very difficult to detect termite activity unless you know the signs to look out for or have yearly inspections. Another way to detect termite activity is through HALO termite monitoring. Keep reading to learn more about HALO Electronic Termite Detection and how it works.

What Is HALO Termite Monitoring?

This monitoring system is a small handheld indicator that uses electricity from a nine-volt battery to monitor for termite activity. Before installing the system, check to make sure it is correctly reading. You will place several monitoring stations into the ground, about 10-20 feet apart from each other. 

Make sure that the arrow for the system faces you for easier detection from the indicator. Most homes require about 12 to 15 stations to properly monitor the area. Keep the stations outside of the perimeter of the home—preferably away from where rain will drip off of the house—and track where all stations are located. 

How Does It Work?

This system includes a wood-based sensor that termites will find and nibble on. As the termites continue to chew through the wood, the sensor will be triggered. After the material has become damaged, the sensor will light up as well as sound the alarm. The electronic signal will not be triggered as long as no termite activity is present. However, keeping the HALO system in place will bring you peace of mind as it continues to monitor for any activity. 

What To Do if Termites Are Detected

If the system detects termite activity at any time, that means it’s time to contact a pest control professional to assess the damage. The benefit of the system is that it will alert you to termite activity long before these hungry pests have a chance to weaken your home’s structural components. Ultimately, early detection will help you avoid spending a fortune on home repairs later. Without it, termites could infest your home, causing a lot of destruction and headaches for you and your family. 

If you find yourself dealing with a termite infestation, don’t hesitate to call the experts. Contact Lethal Pest Solutions today!