Bristol’s rich history is evident in the beautiful old homes and buildings dotting its landscape. Established even before the City of Brotherly Love, Bristol was also settled around the time that Pennsylvania became a colony.

Bristol is situated across the Delaware River from Burlington, NJ, and a mere 23 miles from central Philadelphia. The Bucks County community is too close for comfort to a wide range of pests thanks to abundant precipitation and seasonal temperature extremes.

Residential Pest Control

From crickets in the yard to ants in the kitchen, insects and other pests can make daily life more challenging — and less comfortable. Whether you’re worried that those big ants could damage your home’s structure or, worse yet, rodents might start an electrical fire by chewing through wires, a call to your Bristol pest control provider could be in order.

Regular inspections and customer education prevent infestations from happening, while safe, effective treatments rid your home of existing infestations.

Commercial Pest Control

Whether it’s bed bugs destroying your reputation, cockroaches contaminating your food supply, mosquitoes biting guests and employees, or rats ruining expensive equipment, a pest problem can be quite costly to your business. Commercial pest control services keep your worksite safe and protect your inventory and equipment from ruin.

Bristol pest control treatments also safeguard your public image by preventing sightings of roaches, mice, rats and other undesirables. And since insurance doesn’t usually cover damage from pest infestations, professional pest control services are a wise investment.

Termite Control

A termite infestation is one of the most expensive problems faced by homeowners. Termites are hard to detect, giving them time to do plenty of damage before anyone has the chance to call for professional termite control.

Along with our other commercial and residential pest control services, we offer odor-free Termidor Termiticide treatments for highly effective, fast-acting, long-term results using a new class of chemistry. A termite-free home is a smart investment for your home-maintenance budget.

Pests We Service

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Lethal Pest Solutions provides home and business owners in the Bristol area with highly effective treatments that are safe for people and pets. From termite control to ant treatments, our residential and commercial pest control services protect your home or office from a wide variety of invaders.

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