Evesham, NJ, is a suburb of Philadelphia and a beautiful place to live, though the summers can sometimes be hot and humid and the winter temperatures can dip below freezing. Its climate and location make it an ideal place for pests to dwell, so you will want to ensure that your home or business is protected from them.

Pests can cause property damage, transmit diseases, or harm you by stinging or biting. To eliminate them and keep them from ever coming back, you can rely on Lethal Pest Solutions.

Residential Pest Control

You may encounter a number of pests in your home, including ants, bedbugs, and cockroaches. Ants will invade your home for food and water while carpenter ants will be attracted to damp wood. Let us track ants to their nest and eliminate them.

If you went traveling recently, you may have brought back bedbugs with you. These brown, oval-shaped pests can be found infesting mattresses and box springs, though they like to dwell in any place that’s warm and snug. They mainly like beds for their close proximity to their favorite food: human blood. These pests can be eliminated via fumigation or a whole-room heat treatment.

Cockroaches love to take shelter in dark, warm, moist areas. Their feces and saliva carry bacteria that can contaminate your food, leading to food poisoning. We can set out professional-grade bait to nab them.

Commercial Pest Control

Whether you run an office, warehouse, school, restaurant, or medical facility, you need to watch out for pests like rodents, bees, and mosquitoes. Rodents can enter the basement or attic and start causing damage, even to your electrical wiring. Before you have your business shut down, have us over for discreet rodent removal.

Bees and wasps can scare away customers, and when provoked, they can sting and cause anaphylaxis in those with allergies. Mosquitoes breed in areas of standing water, such as ponds, children’s pools, and birdbaths, and they’re known to transmit diseases like malaria through their bites. Our team will humanely remove the bees and wasps, but as for mosquitoes, we’ll promptly eliminate them at both the larval and adult stages.

Termite Control

New Jersey harbors subterranean termites, which are one of the most destructive pests around. If left alone, they can hollow out your wood structures from the basement to the attic. Thanks to HALO Electronic Termite Detection, we can set up termite monitoring stations and then promptly rid any termites that appear with termiticides or bait stations.

Besides termite control, we specifically offer:

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