Feasterville, PA Pest Control

Everyone could use a break sometime whether it's from work or dealing with nasty pest infestations at home. The outdoors calls to those in Feasterville who love getting out and enjoying the sun. However, it's no picnic when you're faced with ants, roaches and other pests. Lethal Pest Solutions has a guaranteed fix to your pest control problem and can keep your home free of invasive insects throughout the year.

Feasterville Professional Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Your home is where you should hang your heart, not where you should hang a dozen fly strips. It's easy to fill each room with unsightly roach baits and mousetraps when an infestation has gotten out of control. Even if you stock up on and regularly use flea sprays and other pest control products, the pests will continue to infest your home if you keep covering up the problem. Our experienced professionals do more than eliminate pests using the latest products. We'll also take preventative action and keep bedbugs, termites and other nuisance pests out of your home.

Termite Control

Termites2Termites have a way of causing massive amounts of damage in a short time. The reason for the quick destruction is due to their large colonies and the thousands of termites that eat away at your home. These pests cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes and businesses every year in the U.S., and the problem will only get worse if residents and homeowners don't take preventative steps to stop them. Our technicians provide thorough termite control services and aim for prevention every time we treat a home or a business.

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs infiltrate homes by latching onto luggage and other items and being transported indoors. Once a few bedbugs settle into an interior, they breed quickly and spread to other parts of a home or a business. Bedbugs are constantly threatening places such as schools and hotels because of so many different people coming in from the outdoors. Our certified technicians will eliminate the adult and juvenile bedbugs, including the eggs, and keep these pests from reinfesting your living and working spaces.

Rodent Control

Rodents carry diseases such as the hantavirus and contaminate homes and businesses as they walk over counters and other surfaces. They hide in crawlspaces, behind the walls and in cabinets. These pests breed at an explosive rate and quickly take over homes, leaving behind feces as they hunt for food and water. We provide rodent control services for residents and business owners in Feasterville. We will seal up their entryways and help to put an end to reinfestations.

Professional Pest Control in Feasterville

Contact Lethal Pest Solutions to schedule an inspection and to receive a free quote on our services. We'll eradicate stubborn pests in your home or business and develop a customized service program to help keep pests off your property for good.