Medford is a terrific destination to settle down in. The sunny weather here gives rise to year-round comfort and permits many outdoor activities. It’s unfortunate that the lovely neighborhoods in this city accommodate more than just families. Critters live in Medford, and the pest population is steadily growing.

In your effort to protect your home and business, it’s highly important that you take steps to prevent or eliminate infestation problems. If you don’t act immediately, you should prepare to incur a hefty bill for property damage. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we help homeowners and business managers without hesitation.

Residential Pest Control

Your home can be the one place that pests don’t enter. All it needs is a personalized extermination plan, and this is exactly what we provide. Our strategic plans put an end to the threat that critters pose. Although they won’t stop trying to find their way in your home, there’s no need to worry. We move quickly during the inspection phase so that we can identify the species as soon as possible. Because we aim to deliver outstanding results, we make it a point to treat homes competently. This means we use the best and the safest exterminating methods.

Commercial Pest Control

Critters are opportunistic in every sense of the word. They will move in your place of business if any opportunity presents itself. However, their habits and behaviors are no mystery to us. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we are aware that outdoor creatures will stop at nothing to find a reliable source of shelter, warmth and food. With our wealth of experience, we know how to zero in on nesting zones and entry points. You don’t want your clients to come across a trail of carpenter ants, so we will give your business a thorough treatment.

Safeguard Your Properties Against Common Pests in Medford, NJ

Deterring pests is necessary because they invade, breed and wreak havoc wherever they travel. Once they take up residence behind a wall or under a floorboard, your health and peace of mind will probably diminish. Therefore, instead of fearing the possibility of a pest invasion, you should let us protect your properties in Medford. Our tried-and-true services are affordable and effective:

Most pesky invaders can send you to the hospital. Mice carry deadly germs and diseases, and roaches can contaminate the food supply in your pantry. The good news is that we know the secret to control insects and rodents. Call Lethal Pest Solutions today to get a free estimate.

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