When a pest infestation takes over your Gloucester home or business, it’s embarrassing, violating, and makes your personal space uncomfortable and even dangerous. Lethal Pest Solutions is in the business of restoring your peace of mind by providing:

  • Superior pest control solutions at honest rates.
  • The latest products, technologies, and techniques to manage your pest problem safely and effectively.
  • Prompt, professional, and personable service.
  • Low environmental impact pest control solutions.

Our partnerships with the National Pest Management Association and the Entomological Society of America ensure you’re receiving care from the most educated and competent pest control technicians in the area. Our 60+ years as a family-owned and locally-operated business promises your needs are met with priority, concern, and friendly service.

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Cockroach Control in Gloucester

If you’ve recently been startled by a cockroach inside your house, now is the time to contact a cockroach exterminator. Cockroaches are social creatures, and the presence of 1 means there are more nearby; possibly nesting in your cool, dark basement or under your large appliances. The quickest and most effective way to eliminate cockroaches completely is to call the professional cockroach exterminators at Lethal Pest Control.

It’s important to get rid of roaches ASAP because they:

  • Harm your reputation by reflecting poor hygiene, even though clean buildings are just as prone to a cockroach infestation.
  • Pose a health hazard by spreading germs and bacteria.
  • Trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.
  • Adapt to store-bought roach killer and remain unaffected by DIY treatments.
  • Multiply at an alarming rate.

If you suspect you have a roach problem—or are sure of it—contact Lethal Pest Solutions to schedule an inspection now.

Mice Control in Gloucester

When it comes to rodent control, mouse removal is the most common service request we get at Lethal Pest Solutions. Mice infestations are frequent in homes and businesses, and getting rid of them takes the right equipment, products, and knowledge.

By recruiting our licensed mouse control technicians, you’ll ensure:

  • Professional insight on mouse control treatment and future prevention.
  • Guaranteed mouse removal success.
  • Expert mouse control methods and products that won’t harm your pets or little ones.
  • A disease-free home and work environment.

Lethal Pest Solutions is licensed by the New Jersey Environmental Protection Agency and prioritizes keeping your home safe as possible while treating for rodent invasions. We use low-impact materials to lessen the need for harmful treatment methods; like substituting mouse traps with contained bait traps, for example. Whether you want year-round protection or need a quick, 1-time treatment, Lethal Pest Solutions will handle the job.

Spider Control in Gloucester

Fear of spiders is common throughout the nation. But, when you risk coming in contact with New Jersey’s venomous brown recluse or black widow, it’s crucial to remove a spider infestation quickly. Whether your building is plagued by harmless garden spiders or a poisonous species, contacting professionals to exterminate your spider infestation is the best way to make sure these 8-legged creatures aren’t continuously taking over your interior.

Lethal Pest Solutions provides quick and effective spider removal that is proven more successful than any commercially available product. If you want to make sure your family isn’t bothered by spiders any more, Contact us and receive a free quote.