Monroe Township in called home for nearly 40,000 people in New Jersey. While it is considered to be one of the New York City suburbs, it is far enough away to provide residents with a quiet place to call home. Originally a farming community, Monroe has quickly expanded into a popular residential area with many families now building new homes here.

As more residences and businesses are built, people must fight to take over the land from pests that originally called the area home. Mosquitoes, termites, flies, rodents and many other pests have long lived in Monroe, but Lethal Pest Solutions can help you take your property back. Using safe barriers, traps, sprays and more, our service providers control pests, prevent future breakouts and show you how to make your property safe and enjoyable.

Residential Pest Control Monroe

Residential pest control is vital if you want to relax in your yard, keep ants out of your kitchen and create safe family areas. Even if you do not currently have a pest problem, a pest control maintenance plan from your Monroe exterminator is important for preventing future challenges. Of course, prevention tactics are always far easier than elimination tactics are.

Commercial Pest Control Monroe

Certain business are also at high risk of pest infestations. Restaurants and storage facilities are clearly in need of regular pest control measures, but many other businesses, including offices, factories, retail spaces and hotels, should consider maintenance plans from Lethal Pest Solutions, your Local Commercial Monroe exterminator.

Termite Control and Termite Inspection

Termites can quickly ruin a home or business, costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our termite control experts can provide you with a termite inspection Monroe using cutting-edge Halo Electronic Termite Detection if you are unsure whether your home currently has termites or if you want peace of mind about a home you are considering purchasing. We also treat infestations at homes or businesses.

Pest Services Offered

Your local ant exterminator offers more than you might imagine, including the following services.

At Lethal Pest Solutions, we offer safe pest control and prevention techniques so that you can enjoy your yard, eliminate pests from your home and build a great reputation among your business’s customers. Whether you need spider control, stink bug removal or some other pest control service, our service providers can help. Our ant exterminator can even help you get rid of that line of carpenter ants on your deck.

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