Raritan, a small borough in Somerset County, New Jersey, offers the pleasures of small town life not too far away from New York City. Offering transportation throughout many parts of New Jersey through the NJ Transit Service, Raritan also offers plenty to do if you wish to stay close to home. The Raritan Public Library is located in a historical home, and the Frelinghuysen Park has plenty of space for picnicking and playing.

This borough is also home to a variety of irritating pests. At Lethal Pest Services, we provide essential pest control services through our highly experienced termite exterminator, cockroach exterminator and more. With our services, you will find that your property can become safer and more comfortable.

Residential Pest and Mosquito Control Raritan

Our experts provide residential pest control for everything from stink bugs to mosquitos. We understand that you want your property to be safe both inside and outside, and we offer customized services to help you achieve that. Whether you want to get rid of the ants in your kitchen or the cockroaches in your basement, we can help. We also provide services for outdoor issues, such as bee and wasp control and rat control.

Commercial Pest and Mosquito Control Raritan

Pest control should also extend to commercial businesses that could otherwise see their reputations suffer. We provide our discreet services at the best point in the day for you so that we do not interrupt your normal working hours. From a bed bug treatment at a local bed and breakfast to treatments for your landscaping and storage facilities, we provide superior services at our first visit so that we can focus on pest prevention in the future.

Termite Exterminator

Our termite exterminator will start with expert diagnostics using the Halo Electronic Termite Detection System. This lets us determine the extent of any problems without creating a mess in your home. Halo also helps us monitor for the return of termites following treatment. Using professional-grade termite treatments, we can keep these destructive creatures away from your home or business for good.

Pest Services Offered

A local pest and cockroach exterminator from Lethal Pest Control can provide you with more help than you may have imagined, including the following services.

Lethal Pest Solutions can help you solve any indoor or outdoor pest problems that you may have by using safe and effective professional-grade treatments.

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