Princeton, New Jersey, is a town that exemplifies the rich heritage that one can find along the East Coast. With just under 30,000 residents, Princeton shows off the best of small-town charm along with a rich and vibrant business district. Founded prior to the American Revolution, this city has many institutions and buildings that have also stood the test of time, including the Princeton Theological Seminary and Princeton University. Of course, it is much more than a college town. It is also a top spot for those looking for an excellent place to call home. Because it is fairly close to both New York City as well as Philadelphia, numerous area residents choose to commute to work.

Whether individuals only call Princeton home or also work within the city limits, they want to do so in comfort and security. Part of creating a welcoming environment is ensuring that the home, building or outdoor space is free of pests. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we help homeowners and business owners in Princeton gain control over all types of irritating insects and animals. 

Residential Pest Control

Pest control should begin at home where people want to feel the most comfortable. It is impossible to relax in a space that is teeming with ants or that has an infestation of termites. Whether homeowners are currently struggling with a major problem or simply want to prevent pests from entering their homes during the next weather change, our professionals can help. We also treat yards, foundations and a myriad of outdoor spaces so that residents can enjoy the gorgeous weather during the spring, summer and fall.

Commercial Pest Control

Although pest control may start at home, it should also extend to offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants and all other types of work environments. No one wants to come to a business that has a pest problem. With our discreet services, we ensure that customers continue to leave great reviews of area businesses and that employees feel comfortable working there.

Pest Services Offered

We offer a variety of pest control services designed for the unique needs of our local Princeton community. Our wide array of services remove, control and prevent the following pests from bothering homes and businesses here.

When you work with Lethal Pest Solutions, you can know that you will be able to enjoy a comfortable living space, a safe and welcoming office or a gorgeous yard that is free of pests. Because we want you to enjoy the benefits of pest-free living and working, we invite you to take advantage of our free service quote. Call Lethal Pest Solutions today to schedule your appointment.