Warminster, Pennsylvania, is a thriving community of approximately 32,000 residents and plenty of local businesses. It truly is a town with a history. Established in 1711, it has plenty of older dwellings along with a great deal of new construction. Therefore, it appeals to people of all ages. Plus, because it is only 14 miles north of Philadelphia, it sees plenty of annual growth and regular business thanks to the numerous residents who commute to work in the greater metropolitan area.

Located on the East Coast, Warminster certainly has extremes in temperature. In the winter, biting cold winds signal snowstorms, which can quickly blanket the area in thick whiteness. However, in the summer, residents enjoy plenty of delightful warmth along with a bit of unwelcome humidity.

In these weather condition, plenty of insect and animal pests thrive. Many pests love the warm, damp conditions of summer but try to burrow underground or sneak into houses to get out of the winter cold. Therefore, homeowners and business owners must look to pest control services to avoid the unwelcome problems that can come along with these pests. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we provide the area with customized pest control solutions for all types of buildings and outdoor spaces.

Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control ensures that homeowners can feel confident and comfortable in pest-free homes. They no longer have to worry about ants in their kitchens or mice in their basements. With our perimeter sprays and outdoor treatments, they also do not have to worry about spider nests or termites around their foundations.

Commercial Pest Control

We also provide a wide array of commercial pest control services that are designed with the needs of a business’s customers in mind. We keep a low-key and discreet presence to prevent embarrassment, and we ensure that pests stay out in the future.

Pest Services Offered

Knowing all about the prime pests that bother homeowners in Warminster, Pennsylvania, makes us the ideal candidates to treat your pest problem. In particular, we treat the following types of pests.

When you choose a pest control company for your home or business, you want to know that you are choosing the best. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we know that we can help you because we know our local community and have been treating the most common pests here for years. Plus, we are proud of our top customer satisfaction rating. When you want a company that will treat your space as if it were its own, choose Lethal Pest Solutions. Contact our office today to set up your appointment for a free service quote.