The temperate climate of West Chester, PA, and the surrounding region offers the perfect environment for the proliferation of bugs, rodents and other common pests, and keeping these unwanted guests out of your home or commercial property can be a full-time job. That’s where the team at Lethal Pest Solutions comes in.

We provide prompt, reliable pest control services throughout West Chester and nearby areas, and we look forward to becoming the pest eradication and control experts that you count on now and for many years to come.

West Chester Pest Control

Our West Chester pest control always start with a thorough inspection of the entire property to locate any active infestations and to identify areas where pests are most likely to flourish. We then go to work setting traps and applying safe but effective chemical control products that are aimed at clearing pests from the property once and for all.

We also seal cracks, remove nesting material, eliminate sources of moisture, apply a perimeter property spray and inform the home’s residents about additional steps that they can take to deter problematic pests from returning in the future.

Commercial Pest Control

The commercial pest control that we provide are similar to our residential services but are generally more focused and larger in scale. We’re equipped to meet the pest management needs of offices, churches, restaurants, small businesses as well as other large commercial buildings that can benefit form our West Chester pest control services.

Pests We Service:

Termite Control

Our skilled personnel are qualified to provide termite protection for structures of all ages. We employ a highly effective product called Termidor to control and eliminate termites. This product has been extensively tested, is extremely long-lasting and results in no noticeable odor as it performs its intended function.

We offer seasonal plans to make our services more convenient for our clientele. In addition, we’re always ready to respond as-needed to unexpected pest emergencies at local homes and commercial properties.

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