It’s called Fall for a very good reason. Fall is the time of things falling. The temperature for one, and, of course, the leaves. There’s a good chance you’ve been raking leaves every Fall for as long as you can remember, but there is also a good chance that you never knew why. Many people assume that you rake the leaves for the same reason that they fall: It’s just what happens; however, there are actually some important reasons why people rake their leaves. Here are five of them.

Helps Your Lawn Breathe

Odds are, you wouldn’t fare very well if you were smothered in a thick layer of leaves for a few months. Well, neither would your lawn. Grass needs to breathe just like everyone else, and fallen leaves can suffocate it if you let it.

Detracts Pests

Another reason to rake this Fall is to prevent pests from invading your house. Many pests use the cover of dead leaves to hide, eat and reproduce right below our noses, and if they are able to thrive on our lawns, it’s just a few extra steps before they reach our homes.

Leaves Can Stunt Your Lawn in Spring

Many people avoid raking in the Fall because they figure that the grass is going to die anyway as the weather drops. Well, as you’ll find out in reason number four, that’s not exactly true, but even if it was, a heavy layer of leaves can still prevent new blades from emerging after the winter has passed, creating snow mold and brown patches where there should be bright, green grass.

Sponsors the Growth of Cool Season Grasses

As hinted at above, not all grass dies in the Fall. There are many different types of grass known as ‘cool season grass’ that actually thrives in the Fall. Grasses like Kentucky bluegrass is one that revitalizes as the temperatures drop and plays an important role in our lawns overall health and development.

Raking Makes Your Lawn Look Nicer

The last reason for why you should rake your leaves is simpler: It looks better. You don’t need to clear your lawn of every single leave, but it definitely makes your grass look tidier and healthier.

Now that you’re an adult and you aren’t being forced by others to rake the lawn this Fall, it may be tempting to skip it, thinking ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ However, raking leaves actually serves a vital role in keeping our lawns bright and strong, not only in the Fall and Winter, but all year round. For more information or to receive quality pest control and lawn care services, contact Lethal Pest Solutions today.