There are many differences between rats and mice. Because both are nocturnal creatures, you may not know which one is actually in your home. Some of the differences can help you determine which rodent entered your home. These differences can include physical appearance, sounds, food and nesting habits.

Difference in Physical Appearance

If you happen to get a glimpse of the rodent in your home, you can tell whether you have a rat or a mouse by its physical features. These features include color, size, types of fur and tails.

First is the color. The color of a mouse is either gray or black. The rat’s coloring is two-toned and the fur is coarse. The rat has a darker body with a lighter stomach. While the color of the body is gray, brown, red or black; the stomach color is either white or yellow.

If you catch a glimpse of the rodent, the size can identify if you have mice or rats. The mouse is usually around six or seven inches long. But, the size of a rat can range between 11 and 19 inches long.

Another identifying characteristic between the two rodents is the tail. Both rodents do not have hair on its tail. A mouse’s tail is about three to four inches in length. The rat’s tail is much longer, about six to nine inches, and appears scaly.

Audible Differences

If you have not seen the rodents in your home, the sounds they make can help you determine if its mice or rats. You will hear scratching from both rodents. But, mice make a squeaking sound. With rats you will hear sounds of gnawing and fighting.

Differences in Diet

Both rodents are not picky when it comes to food. They will eat almost anything. The major difference in the diet is rats need water daily to survive. A rat will travel farther away from its nest for acquire water.

Nesting Locations

The locations of the nest are another way to determine if you have rats or mice. The nesting location of a rat is in one of two locations. It is either a higher location like the attic or underground in a burrow. A mouse’s nest is closer to a source of heat like a furnace or oven.

If you have any signs of a rodent problem, do not wait long to get help. Rodents can multiply quickly and cause havoc on your home fast. Call Lethal Pest Solutions for an inspection and discuss service plan options.