A homeowner’s job is never done as there are always new projects to finish. Things break and need repair. Or perhaps are in need of updating. Either way, there is always something to keep you busy. Unfortunately, something else important that needs to be added to every homeowner’s to-do list is knowing how to determine pest activity. Knowing that you have an infestation is important so that you can eradicate the situation as soon as possible.


For many pests, you may not ever actually see them. However, you will see their droppings. Mice and rat droppings are probably the most commonly spotted and the easiest to detect. Yet, bed bugs’ fecal matter can be detected on bedding items. You’ll notice tiny black spots that will smear if you wipe them with a damp cloth. Urine trails may also be noticeable by the stain and the smell.


Rodents will make nests with whatever material they can find. They are often found in secluded areas of the house. Some pests, such as termites, will make their home in more undetectable areas, such as inside of your walls or in the wooden joists in the basement. Bats too will nest in secluded, cool and dark areas, most likely in your attic. This is why it is important to check in every area of your home to search for nests.

Grease Marks or Tracks

Greasy trails can be left behind from mice and rats as they frequently travel in the same areas. Rats, in particular, tend to leave dark marks along walls. Bats will also leave black greasy marks, particularly from their point of entry.

Damage to Your Home’s Structure

If you notice holes, gnaw marks, rips or tears on your walls or floors, you may have an infestation. Rodents will tend to gnaw on structures or even furniture. Several pests will make holes in walls, near doors or windows, in the floor or even in the ceilings to gain entrance. Keep on the lookout for damage to wooden structures, as this can be a sign of termite damage.

Damage to Your Plants

You may notice insect trails in your garden, or you may discover that the leaves on your plants have been gnawed. Dead grass, uneven grass or brown patches can be another indicator of an infestation. Common pests that may be found in your garden are beetles, grubs, crickets, moles and flies.

Once you have detected any of these occurrences in your home, you should contact a pest control specialist immediately. They will be able to help identify the type of pests that you are dealing with and determine the best treatment options. If you are in need of assistance due to a pest infestation, contact Lethal Pest Solutions today!