To many, spiders are tiny, alien-like monsters that fill even the strongest of us with dread. Very rarely does one enjoy seeing a spider crawling across the table or the floor while eating breakfast or sitting in front of the TV. However, history will show that spiders have been living inside human-made structures since our earliest beginnings,… Read more »

Spiders have long been known for giving people the creeps. While some of these eight-legged freaks are actually quite dangerous, others just look horrifying. Let’s take a glance at the scariest spiders in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Wolf Spider With the ability to reach two inches in length, the wolf spider is among the biggest spiders… Read more »

While stink bugs aren’t the most dangerous insects, they can still become a major pain in the neck. During the winter and fall, they will definitely be seeking shelter from the cold weather. Your home becomes the perfect place for these foul-smelling insects. Here’s why you shouldn’t squish stink bugs. Stepping On a Stink Bug Causes a… Read more »

Both roaches and termites cause problems for homeowners in completely different ways. In fact, these two pests aren’t remotely similar even though they’re classified as insects. Not only do they look different, but they also have different dietary needs. If you want to treat these pests correctly, it pays to know their differences from the start. Cockroach or Termite:… Read more »

Have you noticed swarms of ants in old tree trunks or brush piles? Are there collections of insect wings or wood dust near wooden doors and windows? If so, you may have carpenter ants.  Carpenter ants are a common pest in the United States. Damp, decayed or damaged wood, whether outside in trees or inside… Read more »