Did you know that arachnophobia — or a fear of spiders — is one of the most common phobias that people can suffer from? It’s estimated that millions of Americans suffer from this fear, with hundreds of millions more around the world suffering as well.

This is a problem because spiders are one of the most common creatures on the Earth. Because of this, it’s important that we learn as much about these critters as possible. Here are some other facts about spiders you might now know:

Spiders are Always Nearby

When we said earlier that spiders were one of the most common creatures on the planet, we weren’t lying. Spiders can be found in every continent on Earth except Antarctica, and in places where you can find spiders, they are literally everywhere. In fact, you might not realize it, but scientists think that most humans are never further than 10 feet away from a spider — even if they don’t know it. That’s because spiders are really good at hiding.

Spiders are Really Good at Catching Prey

Over the millions of years of their existence, spiders have developed a lot of clever ways to catch their food. Of course, there’s the tried-and-true method of spinning a web and seeing what flies into it. But around the world there are spiders that spin webs like traps and hide in caves, there are spiders that jump, and there are even spiders that use their web like a fishing line!

Spider Silk is Really Strong

It doesn’t seem like it, but the silk in a typical spider’s web is very, very strong. It might break relatively easily when you run into it, but that’s because it’s so thin. In fact, if you could get a length of spider silk in a useful thickness — say, a quarter of an inch thick, for example — the silk would be stronger than a length of steel of the same thickness. It’s so strong that the military is investigating the possibility of using it for body armor and other applications!

Spiders Have Blue Blood

It’s not because they’re royalty — although they might think they are. This blue blood is due to the chemical makeup of a spider’s blood. In humans, the red color of our blood comes from the iron that the oxygen uses to travel through the bloodstream. In spiders, the oxygen uses copper to get around their bloodstream, which turns their blood blue.

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