When the warm and sunny months of summer finally arrive, many people will venture outdoors to have a summer picnic with their friends and family. Doing so is a great way to enjoy the weather and spend time with those who matter the most. If you also enjoy summer picnics and want to have a positive experience, it’s vital you stop pests from spoiling your fun. You can safeguard yourself and others when you learn and implement a few tips, and the invaders won’t stand a chance. Using a pest control plan to protect your picnic can provide you with incredible results.

Clean Before Your Picnic

Having a dirty yard or park is one of the top ways people invite unwanted guests to their picnics, and you can avoid the issue when you know what to do. Trash cans will attract flies and wasps, so changing the trash cans will reduce the threat. If you don’t want other insects to make trouble during your summer picnic, mow the grass and remove standing bodies of water from the area in advance, and you will be glad you did. Taking a few steps and putting in a little effort will take you far when you want pests to leave you and your guests alone.

Use Insect Traps

Insect traps are a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to have a pest-free picnic, and you will find a range of options when you travel to your local department store. Look for bee and ant traps so that you can keep some of the most common invaders at bay for the duration of your event. Placing one or two traps near your guests will get you started, but you will also need to put traps around the perimeter of your picnic.

Bring Mosquito Repellent

Your best effort won’t always get the job done the first time, so you should bring a few bottles of mosquito repellent along. Look at the instructions of the repellent you are considering to learn how long it will last, but you must find something that is kid-friendly if you are going to invite children to the picnic.

Lethal Pest Solutions

Without much warning, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and other pests can crash your summer picnic and cause trouble for your guests. You can do many things to reduce the number of pests that come to your picnic, but you won’t replace the touch of a caring expert. At Lethal Pest Solutions, we won’t waste time when it comes to meeting your needs and protecting your picnic from unwelcome guests. To learn more about us and what our team can do for you and your family, pick up your phone to give us a call.

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