It is that time of year again where all kinds of pests and insects are invading your home. Whether they are coming in to find food, water, shelter, or to escape the extreme heat of summer, you may start to feel like that pests own your home more than you do.

Summer is particularly terrible for stink bugs, and one of the worst things about this pest is that when you kill them, the odor released by the stink bug attracts more bugs inside of your home. So that you can effectively stop stink bugs in their tracks, here are our top ways to prevent stink bugs from getting into your home.

1) Seal off All Entrances

Stink bugs are small and have an easy time sneaking through the smallest cracks and crevices in your home. If you suspect you may have some corners or hidden openings that stink bugs are making their way in, it is best to seal off and completely close those areas as soon as possible.

2) Shut off your lights

Did you know that stink bugs can be attracted to the lights that you leave on around your house? Leaving on a few, small outdoor lights are okay, but running too many lights around your home can be a greenlight for stink bugs to come and invade your home.

3) Cut off their food source

One of the biggest reasons that pests come into our homes at all is that they are looking for a source of food. If you can limit or cut off their food source, you have a high likelihood of keeping stink bugs out of your home.

Make sure that you sweep and clean up your counter space diligently, using cleaning solution to for serious spills and deep surface cleaning. To make sure that you don’t have any loose food laying around, put all of your food into either airtight containers or plastic bags to keep the stink bugs out.

4) Eliminate leaks and moisture

Another major reason that stink bugs come into your home is to find water. Take a walk around your home to identify any leaks, along with anywhere else that water likes to settle or gather in and around your home. Make sure that all leaks are taken care of and that your pipes are sealed properly.

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