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Signs You Have Mice in Your Home

When you see one or two mice in your home, especially when it's warm outside or if there have been recent heavy rains, it's not completely unexpected. If you begin seeing five or more mice in your home, then you know that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Pay attention to a few signs that could indicate a large number of mice that need to be exterminated before they quickly turn into dozens. Companies like Lethal Pest Solutions can humanely treat your home for mice while using products that prevent them from returning.

Pay attention to any droppings that you see. When mice are in the home, you'll usually see small black or brown droppings on countertops, in drawers, in cabinets, and along the walls where the pests run. Fresh droppings are usually dark in color and have a soft texture. When droppings age, they turn gray and become brittle. As long as you see dark droppings, then you know mice are somewhere in your home.

Look at furniture, cabinets, and corners of drawers for gnaw marks. Mice enjoy biting on wood and other hard objects. Sometimes, these marks will be seen on food packages. New gnaw marks are light in color compared to darker marks that have been there for some time. You should also look at the size of the marks. Large marks are usually indicative of rats whereas smaller marks are often from mice. Sometimes, pets in the home will focus on one area of a room or become excited when they are in one area of the room. Dogs and cats can usually smell scents from rodents when people can't and can often hear rodents as they scurry in the walls or in cabinets.

You might notice a strong odor in areas of the home where droppings or gnaw marks have been seen. The odor often indicates several mice in one area, usually from a nest that has been built. When you begin to see signs of mice in the home, you can set traps or bait to try to get rid of them. Once they overtake the home, then a professional service is usually the only way to get rid of the rodents.

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