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Three Pest Control Tips for Summer

Summer is coming with its sunshine and outdoor activities. Many of us begin to look forward to barbeques, summer sports and basking in the sun. People begin spending more time outdoors, and that is no exception for the pests in your yard.

Pests too also like to enjoy time in the sun and warm weather. Do not worry; you can protect your yard from the pests and insects that are trying to share your time outside. You can reduce the pests in your yard with these three tips: yard maintenance, vegetable garden harvesting and firewood storage.

Yard Maintenance

One way to help keep the number of pests in your yard down is through lawn maintenance. By keeping your grass cut, you eliminate some of the places where pests and insects can build their nests. You will want to keep the grass short and cut regularly. Look at your bushes and trees for overgrowth. You will need to trim overgrown bushes or trees to remove a potential home for the pests in your yard. The last part of your yard maintenance is proper weeding. Keeping your flower beds clean will not only make your yard look nice but removes more potential areas for pests to find a home.

Harvest Time

Fresh vegetables from your garden are the best. But if you let your fruits and vegetables start to get overripe, you are inviting the pests to come help themselves. To reduce the pest population in your yard, make sure you check your garden regularly for ready to pick fruits and vegetables.

Properly Storing Firewood

A pile of wood in your backyard is an invitation for the pests to come stay with you. To help protect your home and yard, you need to make sure you are storing your firewood properly, so you do not attract carpenter ants and termites. To store your firewood, you should always keep it far away from your house, garage or shed. The farther away you can keep it the better. You will also want to keep the wood off the ground. Placing the wood on a rack above the ground makes it harder for the pests to start making a home.

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