While termites are easier to spot in the summer or spring, they don’t magically disappear when winter arrives. The sad reality is that these pesky bugs burrow themselves in deep, so they have the ability to wait out the cold months. Unlike other pests, termites don’t hibernate. In fact, they become more dangerous when it gets cold. They feed constantly and are always looking for warmth, so when winter comes around, they burrow deeper into your home for food and shelter. The good news is that you can completely eradicate termites if they are a problem in your home. Get informed on how you can take action to get rid of termites and protect your house during the winter months by following these tips.

Plan Ahead

Winter is the perfect time to get your house prepared for incoming hordes of termites in the spring and summer months. Use the wintertime to bolster your home’s defenses; call experts to inspect your home and set up preventative measures to keep pests out when they come knocking on your door in the future. If you do have termites, however, don’t wait for the snow to melt to take action. Call professionals immediately to help begin the process of ridding your home of invaders.


While termites prefer to nest in wood, they will settle for a variety of different options. If you have piles of leaves in your yard, clear them out as soon as possible. Termites can use leaves as a gateway to tunnel under the soil. As they burrow deeper and deeper into the ground, they will eventually run into the foundation of your home. Termites have the potential to cause serious damage to your house if left unchecked. Limiting their options for entry into your property is crucial to minimizing their threat to your safety. 

Get Winter Treatments

As winter approaches, termites are on the move. Get ahead of the game and call experts to perform winter treatments on your home. Professionals can inspect your house and set up ways to clear your property of pests. A key mistake that many homeowners make is assuming that because they can’t see a pest problem, a pest problem does not exist. This is simply not true. Check with experts to ensure potential infestations are stopped before they become a problem.

If you’re dealing with termites or other pests this winter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Lethal Pest Solutions exists to keep your home safe and take the necessary steps to stop infestations for good. Feel confident in the state of your home. Our team of experts will handle your case with speed and precision. Contact Lethal Pest Solutions today to learn more about how we can assist you!